Nowadays more and more people choosing to become digital nomads, the idea of working anywhere is really tempting. However, quite often happens that our favourite table in the coffee place next corner is taken and we spend a lot of time to find another perfect spot. Wouldn’t be perfect, if we could carried our working space with us? Nigerian product designer Nifemi Marcus-Bello came up with the idea of a portable work table that can be carried like a suitcase and is convenient for the office and the home.


Nifemi has created the portable TEBUR (‘table’ in hausa). TEBUR is a flat-pack work desk designed with the ease of transportation and assembly in mind; the table accommodates the lifestyle of the users who live or work in small spaces for the extended period of time.

This table is a product inspired by the minimal: a substitution to heavy, awkward-to-transport furniture. When designing the table, Marcus-Bello considered transport options and crowded conditions of cities like Lagos and as a result, the TEBUR is specially engineered to be light and allow easy, one-handed transportation. 

foto: Nifemi Marcus-Bello

The table is made of adjusted manufacturing products, with four easy-to-screw legs made of wood. The design and structure of the table make it easy to assemble without tools: the legs are screwed into their corresponding holes underneath the flat top. The designer created the Tebur table to be lightweight so it can be lifted with one hand. The legs, which are made from reclaimed wood, screw into the tabletop, allowing for quick and intuitive disassembly.

foto: Nifemi Marcus-Bello

“The Tebur design is minimalistic, stable and lends the workplace an aura of quiet efficiency,” added Marcus-Bello. Until now, work tables were typically heavy, awkward to transport long distances and challenging to assemble,” said the designer. “These issues were considered in view of readily available transport options and conditions in crowded cities such as Lagos.”

foto: Nifemi Marcus-Bello

These issues were considered in view of readily available transport options and conditions in crowded cities. As a result, the TEBUR allows for easy, one-handed transportation. The legs are held in place along the underside of the table-top by elastic cotton, so the user simply has to slide them out and screw each leg into a whole for set-up, with no tools needed. The handle also doubles a grommet hole for cable management.