Nomads at home

nomads at home


We believe in creating beautifully crafted spaces that deliver and exceed clients expectations. We work closely with our clients and construction team to create the home you will love forever. There is no renovation work that we can’t handle.


flavour up your space!

flavour up your space!

Isn’t it time for your flat to tell your story? Discover how, by diving into your tastes and lifestyle, we breathe life into a flat that adjusts to every moment of your day.


The is not two projects that looks the same. Pricing of the architectural services is based on:

– size of the property,
– the level of difficulty of the project,
– the scope of the services provided,
– the overall budget

That means: the more expensive a building, the more extensive the services and the more complicated a project, the more expensive the bill. The starting point for calculating the fee is the size of the apartment Depending on how many work phases you would like to complete with me, I may charge the entire fee or only part of it. To give you an idea, usually on average my fees are in the range:

250 – 150 EURO per SQM

To get a more detailed quote, feel free to

Flat Renewal

Rediscover your flat with our expert design services, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. Whether it’s sleek modern layouts or timeless classics, we specialize in transforming spaces to match your unique style. Elevate your living experience with our personalized flat renovation solutions, ensuring a harmonious fusion of form and function.

Flat Renewal



It always starts with a talk ! We will meet with you in the place you want to redesign. We will interview you carefully to understand your needs, wishes, aesthetic preferences, time-frame and the budget. We will take measurements and photos of your space, check existing conditions, limitations and special space features. We will take a closer look to installation and technical conditions of the space.


This is where I will take the time to plan your project. We start with a design concept, where we define the initial functional and spatial vision of the designed space, without detailed solutions.. The project consists of a graphic representation of the designed space, functional and spatial diagrams in the form of projections,sketches, elevations, and color schemes. An initial budget is also developed during this step.


When the concept project is approved, we start to work on documentation. The project consists of technical drawings (projections, views, cross-sections), installation drawings (electrical and hydraulic connections), material description, choice of lighting and proposal of equipment elements.


In this step, we can help you with selecting contractors, contacting them and discussing urgent matters related to construction. Also this step includes a project author’s supervision, in which we conduct site visits. Oversee the construction of the project and monitor activities at construction site and control the work to ensuring teams work together to deliver quality work to deadlines..