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nomads at home

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A Bold and Unique Office Design with Custom-Made Furniture

Interior design, furniture design

21 qm | Berlin | 2020

Scope of work:

Concepting planning, Furniture Designing, Budgeting, Detailed Planning, Sourcing, Contractors Evaluation, Site Supervision


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When I first met Bryce, he had an unusual request – he wanted to paint his office a bright shade of yellow. At first, I was hesitant about this idea, wondering if it might be too much. However, after considering the psychological effects of the colour yellow, which is known for its energetic and cheerful qualities, I decided to go forward with Bryce’s request. So, I was tasked with the key goal of transforming the office into a space that is more conducive to productivity.

When the first coat of bright yellow paint was applied, the room immediately began to transform. The cheerful color brought a sense of energy and liveliness to the space. The use of yellow also helped to enhance the natural light that poured in through the windows. The bright hue seemed to reflect and amplify the light, making the space feel even more open and inviting. As the project continued, other design elements were added to complement the yellow walls. To all of our delight, the color yellow was later chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year 2021. This proved that the decision to paint his office in a bright yellow color was a great choice. As I continued to work on the design of Bryce’s office, I couldn’t help but be impressed by his unique vision for the space. It was clear that he wanted something that would be both functional and eye-catching, and I was determined to help him achieve that.

Another striking feature of the office was the way the ceiling dropped down in certain areas. This added a sense of intimacy to the space and made it feel more comfortable and inviting. This added an interesting visual element to the space and helped to break up the monotony of the walls. This was particularly effective in the corners of the room, where it added a sense of warmth and enclosure.

Black steel furniture with timber counters and black mesh accents is a modern and industrial-inspired design aesthetic. The combination of black steel, a strong and durable material, with the warmth and natural beauty of timber, creates a visually striking contrast. The addition of black mesh accents adds an interesting texture and visual interest to the overall design. This type of furniture and design would be well-suited for a contemporary office or workspace.


Bryce was particularly pleased with the custom-made desk that we had designed for him. It is one of the standout features of the office, made of sleek black metal, with warm timber countertops, and features black metal mesh incorporated to add a touch of excitement. It was the perfect size for the space, and the desk was not only functional, but it also added a touch of industrial chic to the room.

Once the walls were painted, and the furniture was in place, it was time to add the finishing touches to the space. We installed artwork on the walls, added some potted plants to bring a touch of nature into the office, and a compact lounge area with a cozy sofa was included to provide a space for relaxation and informal meetings.

When the renovation was completed, Bryce’s office space had been transformed into a bright and cheerful environment that was perfect for boosting creativity and productivity. The use of yellow, combined with the other design elements, created a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere that made it a pleasure to work in. The finished office space was a far cry from the dull and uninspiring room that it once was.  It was a bold and unusual design, but it perfectly matched Bryce’s personality and vision. The use of yellow throughout the space created a cheerful and energizing atmosphere, and the custom-made furniture and unique design elements added a touch of sophistication and elegance.

I am so grateful that Bryce entrusted me with this unique and exciting project, and I am proud to have helped create a space that brings him joy and inspiration every day. It just goes to show that sometimes, taking a risk and going against the norm can lead to truly amazing results.