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Interior design, kitchen design
42 qm | Berlin | 2020

Scope of work:

Conception, Design Planning, Furniture Design, Budgeting, Detailed Planning, Sourcing, Site Supervision



MS Design


by Ira Efremova

As an architect, I always look for ways to challenge the typical typology of contemporary residential architecture. So, when Ksenia approached me with the task of designing her apartment, I was excited to create something unique and functional. She wanted a multi-functional space that would blend living, dining, kitchen, and integrated seating and storage into one cohesive layout. She was looking for a design that would make the most of the small space and make it feel more open and uncluttered.


After carefully considering the client's needs and material preferences, I created a unique design that featured clean geometries and contrasting hues paired with a warm wood texture to create a distinctive look. The goal of the renovation was to create a functional and stylish space that meets the client's requirements and reflects their style.


The new layout uncovers the true potential of compact spaces, giving her a functional kitchen. The L-shaped layout allowed ample storage and counter space, while the built-in cabinet and sink added functionality without taking up valuable floor space. This opened up the small space and avoided cluttering. The kitchen also featured a custom-designed tabletop crafted from high-quality timber with Oak finish. This added a warm, rustic touch to the space.


The meticulously chosen material palette plays a key role in the design, with eye-catching pigments that add visual interest and depth to the space, creating a dynamic and inviting aesthetic. The full-height wall cabinets feature clean and simple geometries and a minimalist aesthetic, and the bold choices create a unique impression. The client was satisfied with this design, as it made the space feel warm and welcoming but also appear visually striking. The decision to use deep blue instead of black, which is often a popular choice, added a touch of sophistication to the space.


Seating is integrated into the wall cupboards. This is particularly important for the client, who did not require separate living room seating and by removing furniture, the design creates a sense of openness in the small space. This clever use of space allowed to open up the small apartment and reduced the cluttered feeling that can often come with living in a small area. It is an excellent example of where ergonomics and beauty meet.


To add an extra layer of comfort, we incorporated shaggy rugs into the design. These rugs were made from a combination of soft wool yarns and shimmering viscose accents. This not only added a touch of luxury to the space but also helped to make the floors feel warmer underfoot. The client was able to say goodbye to those cold floors’ rude awakenings with these stylish and practical rugs.


Overall, the design presents an alternative to the typical "apartment block" typology commonly seen in contemporary residential architecture. By incorporating exceptionally bold colours and a mix of warm and cool tones, the design creates a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The custom-made kitchen with its high-quality wooden tabletop and deep blue cabinetry is a standout feature, combining ergonomics and beauty to create a unique and innovative design. The use of contrasting colours and textures gave the space a stylish, modern feel, and incorporating innovative design elements, integrated storage and seating solutions, and a custom-made kitchen helped to make the most of the small space. This project was a successful example of how careful design and thoughtful material choices can transform even the smallest of spaces into functional and inviting living environments.


The client was thrilled with the final result, and she was thrilled with the way we were able to create a functional and stylish space in such a small apartment and was grateful for creating a unique and functional design that exceeded their expectations.


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